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Tips and recommandations

ECOCEM France, the specialist in the production of ground granulated blast-furnace slag, works alongside you, developing solutions adapted to environmental issues and the technical-economical constraints of your construction projects.

Wind turbine foundations

To reach its target of 25,000 MW of electricity produced by wind power in 2020, France will need to build at least 500 wind turbines per year. The quantity of concrete used for each 2 MW wind turbine is of the order of 400 m3 (20 metres diameter by about 2 metres in height). Using Ecocem in the concrete provides a number of advantages: reduction in the environmental impact, better recycling potential of the concrete at end of life, reduction in thermal cracking.

Better resistance to chlorinated water for structures built next to the sea,  better resistance to attacks by sulphated water, often present in below-ground areas, and increased long-term strength.

Agricultural installations

Concrete installations in an agricultural environment need to withstand effluents with high concentrations of organic acids, in particular silage seepage with a pH of 4 or slurries with a pH of between 6 and 8. According to standard FD P18-011, definition and classification of chemically-aggressive environments, aggression by acidic environments is classified under exposure classes XA1, XA2 and XA3.  

As Ecocem has the advantage of silicon (SiO2) and less lime (CaO) than a Portland cement, it can be used to produce concretes rich in aluminium and silicon, which is why it is recommended for concretes subject to acid aggressions. We recommend binders with the highest dosing possible of Ecocem, ideally from 66 to 80%.

Mass concretes

Problems caused by the internal sulphate reaction (ISR) were observed in France from 1997 on bridges where the concrete had been poured in situ.  It mainly affects parts of massive structures in contact with water or subject to high levels of humidity.

Nowadays, current regulations take a preventive approach which tends to promote binders with low heat of hydration, low SO3, C3A and alkaline content. The use of Ecocem in concrete formulations lowers the risk of ISR and offers an alternative to the use of cements with low heat of hydration known as LH, for which the characteristic value Q41h < 270 J/g.


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