Other uses

Ecocem can be used for other things besides concrete.

MARINE biodiversity

At a time when more and more construction is taking over the sea, it is important to think about the consequences for marine biodiversity. The composition and its appearance can indeed influence colonization.
Studies are underway and promising about the use of ground slag in the composition.


With recent dramatic fires, the capacity of building materials to withstand fires is increasingly required. Because of its chemical characteristics, the ground slag can fit into the composition of mineral materials in this area. Dragonskal is an example.­












Bio-sourced materials

Agro-materials, such as for example, shives, flax shive and rapeseed or wheat straw, include materials derived from vegetable resources, formed and mixed with vegetable-sourced ingredients and are being increasingly used in the construction industry. 

Ecocem is used in their treatment as it helps to significantly decrease the sorption rates of the composites from agro-materials without altering their insulating properties. This property is of major importance as it nowadays constitutes one of the issues which crops up again and again regarding the use of agro-sourced materials in the building industry.

Formulated products


Laboratory formulators in collaboration with ECOCEM have developed products such as renders, tiling adhesives and screeds which contain Ecocem. This gives products with low pH which are more durable and more eco-friendly.



New binders

Ecocem can be used as a base for hydraulic binders for roads or for road gravel. It can also be mixed with bentonite to make slurries in deep foundations (cast walls).

Today, in compliance with sustainable development requirements, there is an obligation to reduce construction wastes and used locally-sourced aggregates. These aggregates may be potentially reactive. To compensate for this problem and obtain a resistant concrete, a cement oversulphated with more than 95% Ecocem is recommended.

Ecocem can also be used as a treatment for marine sediments.


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