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ECOCEM, the first independent producer of ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS) in Europe.

Our company

Founded in 2000 by Donal O’Riain, ECOCEM Materials Ltd. is an Irish company which has for production facilities in The Netherlands  ,in Ireland and in France.

The vocation of the group is the valorisation of the GGBS from the manufacture of the cast iron, by grinding and drying .Our product is a hydraulic binder that is using as a efficient and ecological cement Ecocem . Since its creation in 2002, our group  avoided more than 7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in Europe.

Our annual production capacity in 2018 is 2 500 000 tons Ecocem, 60 % in France.
In 2007, Groupe Saint-Gobain entered the capital of ECOCEM materials LTD with a participation of 30%.
In 2017, the IUI investment funds (Dermot Desmond) entered the capital of ECOCEM materials LTD with an interest of 18%.

The ECOCEM group has put in place a number of means dedicated to innovation in order to develop new uses of GGBS.New markets such as tile adhesive, shotcrete, screeds, hydraulic road binders, sediment upcycling, marine biodiversity and fire protection are seriously envisaged.

The company ECOCEM France was created in 2007, in joint venture with ArcelorMittal (Capital 49 %) to develop ground granulated slag of blast furnace slag. Its first site was installed at Fos sur Mer, close to its raw material supplier and one of the largest French ports. A second production unit in Dunkirk, commissioning in April 2018, which will achieve the production capacity in France of 1 500 000 T in 2018.
The customers of ECOCEM France are mainly concrete manufacturers, producers of ready mixed concrete, precast manufacturers and contractors of  foundations (piles, grount wall).

Because of the origin of its raw material, the activity of ECOCEM France is fully part of the ITE (Industrial  and Territorial Ecology).


ECOCEM expansion

Discover through this map with Ecocem expansion of its production sites and storages in operation or under construction

125 employees

1/3 in France

4 plants and 4 storage terminals in europe

2 vertical mills LOESCHE and 2 horizontal mills

Annual production capacity

2,500,000 tons, 60 % in France

Our ambition

The ECOCEM group is the leading producer of GGBS in Europe.  The group aims to continue to satisfy its customers in the concrete industry with a product of consistent quality manufactured all year round.
With its offer, ECOCEM anticipates new regulations limiting CO2 gas in the construction industry. The ECOCEM group is putting a lot of effort into producing specifications in order to train the market in the use of low-carbon concretes and consequently carbon-free construction.

ECOCEM France has a Innovation department which works with the group’s R&D department and with the most renowned laboratories in France and Europe  to demonstrate the enormous potential of GGBS in the construction industry and to envisage new applications.


The ECOCEM Materials LTD group, a continuous policy of raising awareness of the impact on the environment:

ECOCEM Ireland has stood out on several occasions for its actions on behalf of the environment, in particular by receiving green awards.

To raise awareness amongst its employees, the group carries out actions at company level linked to the environment. These involve taking part in the clean-up of polluted sites.  ECOCEM is a member of the Coast Care initiative in Ireland.

To raise awareness among construction industry decision-makers of environmental issues, each company in the group has implemented tools on their Internet site to estimate the CO2 of concrete with and without GGBS.

ECOCEM France has also put a partner area on-line which allows each partner to find out how much CO2  they have generated each month.

ECOCEM France is a member of the Rhône Alpes Eco-Énergies Cluster association.

Made in france

Investors chose to set up their third site in France after Ireland and The Netherlands bearing in mind that France was aware of the stakes for the future of the planet and is implementing an ambitious environmental policy (the “Plan Climat”).

Indeed, one of the unique advantages of Ecocem GGBS is the ability to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of concrete, the material most widely used for building and public works. They also chose France, despite constraints due to standards and severe regulatory requirements, as the building techniques in our country are recognised as being among the most effective, particularly with regards to safety. Just being able to mix a made-to measure cement in accordance with the demands of a structure cannot win over building professionals by itself.

French personnel,motivated and with a high level of knowledge on construction materials

Deliver directly to cement plants, prefabrication companies, … as an alternative to cement manufacturers who incorporate slag in their cements for high performance concrete.

ECOCEM France implements a strategy and development policy adapted to France.

Indeed, despite of efforts made to harmonise regulations on building products across Europe, each country continues to defend its own rules. The European standard on concrete EN 206/CN has not been harmonised and is applied in each country via a national appendix. English, Irish and Dutch standards allow a large proportion of GGBS in binder, while the French standard is more restrictive.

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