Design advantages of our product

Ecocem, is recommended for exposed concretes, coloured and architectural concretes as it brings lightness of colour and durability.

A cement which is lighter in colour

Ecocem, is recommended for exposed concretes, coloured and architectural concretes. Concrete formulated with Ecocem has a regular surface appearance and lightness of colour.

To obtain a lighter-coloured concrete, GGBS is usually specified with a substitution proportion of between 50 and 70%. Proportions as high as 85% have also been chosen.

Ecocem can also be used as a substitute for Portland white cement with an additional advantage taking into account its excellent behaviour in aggressive environments.

The light colour obtained is one of the key advantages for applications requiring improved appearance. For example, concrete crash barriers on motorways, bridge decks and urban street furniture. Savings can also be made on paint by using concrete formulated with Ecocem in car parks.

Reduction in Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a white deposit, sometimes powdery, which occurs on a wall by evaporation of the water rising to the surface by capillary action (stains on the surface of the concrete, caused by calcium carbonate deposits). Efflorescence is one of the most persistent and insidious problems with the appearance of concrete. 

The process by which efflorescence appears is inherent in the chemical composition of hydrated cement. A hydrated cement is made up as follows: Lime (soluble) + Silicate (insoluble). Ecocem reacts with soluble lime by consuming water and manufacturing silicates. The lime is therefore neutralised. No residual lime in solution can open up a path to the surface of the concrete as GGBS produces a more dense, less porous concrete with weaker permeability.

Ecocem is effective in protecting against efflorescence when substitution proportions of 50 to 60% are used.


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